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Monochrome Sensory Cube

Designer: Scribble & Sew

$45.00 AUD

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Scribble & Sew’s monochrome collection is modern and stylish. It also has benefits for children.

The contrast of black and white is easy for a newborn’s eyes to process and lays the foundation for visual processing skills. As the child focuses on the contrasting shapes in black and white they are training their eyes to team and converge on one incoming image and therefore developing visual efficiency skills that are later needed for writing and reading. The visual system is so important for learning it impacts almost every area.

As well as activating the visual system, our cubes can be used to develop early social interaction. As the baby stares and interacts with the cube, parents can make comments about what the baby is seeing and pair their tone of voice to match the baby’s exploration.

Fabrics may vary slightly as this is a handmade item.