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The Mono Collection

Early on children's eyes seek contrasting black and white tones such as shadows and lights. Slowly their eyes become better at distinguishing between dark and light colours and they begin to make eye contact with their parent and match the sound of their parents voice that has become so familiar in the womb to a face. From there millions of interactions occur each day as parent and child gaze and interact with each other and objects in their environment to build a lasting connection. 
Through these repeated interactions, children begin to read parent's facial cues and thus form the first steps on their way to a life of social and emotional health. At around 9 months of age children are not only interested in looking at their parent's face but also they begin to share attention to the objects around them as they move through the world. 
Our monochrome collection supports these early visual skills to ensure that children can being the wonderful journey into a shared visual world, rich in emotion and connection. The contrast of black and white is easy for a newborn's eyes to process and lays the foundation for early visual processing skills. As the child focuses on the contrasting shapes in black and white they are training their eyes to team and converge on one incoming image and therefore developing visual efficiency skills that are later needed for reading, writing, friendship and play.