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The Taggie Collection

The Taggie Collection is one of our staple collections and also includes some of our best selling items. 

Following the first months of exploring with their mouths, babies begin to explore with their hands. Fingers and hands are full or touch receptors that need to be engaged in order for the child to build a brain map for this area. If these are not used then the part of the brain allocated for this is not developed. 

This brain map created through touch receptors is later used for fine motor skills such as handwriting, dressing and eating. Exposing a child to a variety of textures at a young age lays the foundations for these all important fine motor skills. 

As well as benefits to fine motor skills, exposure to different textures allows children to get used to and feel calm around them. This reduces the likelihood of them developing tactile defensive behaviours as they grow and lays the foundations for them remaining calm and enjoying exploring new textures rather than being afraid or stressed. This is particularly important when it comes to trying new foods, going to new places such as the sand at the beach and wearing textured clothing.

Items in our Taggie Collection allow children to use their mouth OR their hands to explore and develop in a safe way allowing for healthy tactile sensory development to occur.